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About us
Since 1980

About us

The Camping was born in 1980. Originally it was a vineyard until Mauro Terranova, a great architect, gave life to his artistic inspiration as he used to do. He didn't want to create a simple camping but a family place where you can comfortably enjoy the beauty of nature. For this reason, the architect Mauro Terranova designed a campsite that would allow each visitor to have their own privacy with picket fences delimiting the pitches and a private bathroom. Anyone who knew him knew that every moment was the right one to show his wife the immeasurable love he felt for her; therefore, he decided to unite the idea behind his project with the name of his beloved: Di Vita Vera.
In harmony with nature
Welcome to "Di Vita Vera" camping

In harmony with nature

It was born on Punta Regilione in Marina di Modica, above the low rocky coast and near a beautiful beach with very fine sand that features immense dunes. Respect for unspoiled nature stimulates the visitor's imagination and curiosity. The naturalistic aspect that characterizes the locality in which the campsite is located has guaranteed and will continue to guarantee the camper peace and serenity, without making him lack a sense of adventure.
The quiet in front of the sea for those who love fishing and solitary places
The coast

The quiet in front of the sea for those who love fishing and solitary places

Close to the campsite, about 25 meters away, a gentle low and rocky coast limits the sea full of fish where the lucky ones still manage to see seahorses today. Then follows a long beach of siliceous sand, which forms natural dunes, and extends for about 800 meters until it reaches the town of Marina di Modica. On the coast there is a perhaps natural rocky slide, which in the past was certainly a landing place for Greek / Roman boats, where still today you can see the tracks used for mooring.
Flora and fauna
Nature around us

Flora and fauna

The entrance to the campsite is characterized by spontaneous prickly pear plants while inside it is full of tamarix trees that offer shade during the hottest hours of the day. The best observers will not miss the beauty of the flowers that characterize the Mediterranean coast such as Pancrazio (Pancratium maritimum), Barbadigiove (Mesembryanthemum acinaciforme), Agave americana, etc. The adjacent beach is also known as a breeding ground for the common turtle or "Caretta caretta" turtle which is the most common sea turtle in the Mediterranean Sea. The species is widespread in many seas around the world but is highly threatened throughout the Mediterranean basin and is now on the verge of extinction in Italian territorial waters.
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